Agroturizam Taverna "Pino"


Municipality Brtonigla (Vetreneglio) is located in the northwestern part of the Istrian peninsula, counts two thousand inhabitants and is in the vicinity to the entrance door of hospitable Republic of Croatia. Western part of the municipality faces the Adriatic Sea, while the southern part reaches the river Mirna.

Brtonigla has its own motto: small town of big discoveries, because apart from the usual tourist offer, visitors can see many things, for example, they can admire an unforgettable landscape and discover the beauty of nature, and while tracing the history and century-old culture, they can set out on a journey which leads to new perspectives and experiences.

Brtonigla like other places in Istria, has an interesting history. The settlement is built on a pittoresque hill, in place of the former buildings, so called Kastelir. After the Roman conquest, the ruins were transformed into towns (oppida), and then into feudal castles. Even today the whole of this area is rich in remains of prehistoric settlements from the Bronze Age, and declared as monuments of culture.

Brtonigla is for the first time mentioned in written documents from year 1234. as Orteneglo, roman Hortus Niger (Garden Black), name that is surely given by the type of soil. To the century, this area was relatively peaceful, but then came off wars, deseases and various coquests.